Quick validity check for all kinds of assets.

For insurance companies, banks, the public sector and asset management companies, checking the condition and location of an asset used to take a lot of time and personnel resources. Digitalising the check process enables the costs and time required to carry out an asset validity check to be significantly reduced.

The digital check allows the current condition of an asset as well as its location and any possible damage to be checked in real time, which makes it the perfect tool for insurance companies, the public sector and asset management companies.

This is how simple digitalisation can be today.
The Validity Check with maximum efficiency and transparency.


The Intareg document contains:

  • Asset data
  • Information about the availability, condition and location of an asset.
  • Clear illustration of all the data and photos at a glance in the check result.
  • Open interface
  • If necessary, the data can be easily transferred for the purpose of further external value reports.

How you benefit:

  • Efficiency
  • Time and cost-saving digital check of all kinds of assets.
  • No inspector required on site, the end customer carries out the check themself as an agent.
  • Transparency
  • Complete transparency about the availability, condition and location of the asset at any time you select, for you and your customers or clients.

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