Documentation of the rendering of services in full.

The Takeover Declaration to confirm the receipt of assets of all kinds is a key document for manufacturers and retailers, logistics companies, sales financing companies, banks and the public sector to prove they have rendered their services in full. However, the method of using paper-based documentation to do this, which is still prevalent today, is time consuming and cost intensive.

That is why our specialists have developed a Digital Takeover Declaration, which can reduce costs and time significantly. The Digital Takeover Declaration documents the complete and proper delivery or taking possession of an asset at a certain time, in a certain condition, at a certain location. Where applicable, it also confirms the full functionality of the goods, as well as the existence and allocation of any accessories.

These confirmations trigger the legal effects of the contract, such as payment obligations and rights of use, at the correct point in time. In addition, in the event of any conflict, they also help to prove the status and whereabouts of the asset.

Time-saving and legally-compliant solution for asset takeover.
The Digital Takeover Declaration as an integrated process for all market players.



The Intareg document contains:

  • Asset data
  • Exact information about the availability, condition and location of the financed asset.
  • Clear illustration of all the data and photos at a glance in the check result.

How you benefit:

  • Time savings
  • Safeguarding of contractual relationships between the financial institution, customer and supplier.
  • Faster processing and implementation of the contractual relationships specified above.
  • Simplified accounting of asset holdings with financial institutions.
  • Legal certainty
  • The recipient confirms the proper delivery, taking possession and, where applicable, functionality of the asset with their digital signature.
  • Proof of fulfilment in the respective contractual relationships.
  • Documenting the transfer of possession to the customer makes it easier to provide proof in the event of any conflict.
  • Risk of fraud reduced.
  • Transparency
  • Legally compliant allocation of any accessories to the original asset, which can be expensive.
  • Maximum transparency and efficiency of the individual processes.

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