Maximum efficiency for insurance companies, sales financing companies and banks!

Insurance companies, sales financing companies and banks now have the option to handle their information and data reconciliation processes digitally, simultaneously and in real time.

The Digital Security Certificate developed by Intareg synchronises all data in real time, enabling the insurance status of an asset to be queried at any time. The same applies to the scope and term of an insurance policy or financing. Ideally, the Security Certificate will already be available at the point of sale.

This creates maximum transparency for everyone involved, and any potential risk of fraud is minimised.

The Intareg document contains

  • Asset and customer data
  • Sales financing companies and banks record customer data digitally.
  • The asset data is automatically stored in Intareg’s International Asset Register and available at all times.
  • Insurance data
  • After the customer has selected an insurance company and taken out an insurance policy with them, the insurance data will be stored in the International Asset Register.

How you benefit:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost-saving digital processing and administration of security certificates.
  • Legally valid security certificates are available in real time as digital mail.
  • Transparency
  • Maximum transparency and instantly available information about the insurance status of collateral.
  • Automated resubmission and deadline monitoring is included.
  • Security
  • Protection against multiple and pro-forma financing, multiple insurance, insurance fraud and improper payouts in the event of a claim.
  • Status reports in the event of contract termination or non-payment of premiums.
  • When entering a notification of claim for an asset, all parties involved are notified in real time.
  • In addition, the asset has a visual warning in the International Asset Register.
  • This makes a substantial contribution towards preventing fraud.

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