International Asset Register.

All of the digital product solutions developed by us are connected to the International Asset Register, which is at the very heart of our patented Intareg system. Each and every product and capital good can be entered into the International Asset Register with its own unique DNA at any time.

As a result, each asset can be identified along with its current status and location at any time, throughout its life cycle. This makes any possible fraud more difficult, such as through multiple financing, resale following theft or embezzlement.

A wide variety of digital product solutions thus creates a unique system that ensures maximum efficiency, fraud protection and reduced costs.

Take advantage of all the benefits of our patented Intareg system:

  • Fraud protection throughout the flows of goods chain
  • Use of a single dataset for everyone involved
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Simple and fast handling of all solutions
  • Support from our experienced team of experts