Significant cost reduction and faster processing throughout the supply chain with digital solutions.

The efficient, legally compliant and fraud-proof documentation of the flow of goods is more important today than ever. The effort and costs of documentation are continuously increasing for all market players due to the intensive movement of goods within the European market, globalisation and the legal requirements.

Our company has set itself the task of replacing all paper-based documentation with digital process solutions in the supply chain between manufacturers and retailers as well as customers. This enables all documentation to be processed in an efficient, cost-saving and fraud-proof manner, even if it involves market players such as logistics companies, insurance companies, sales financing companies, banks, the public sector, insolvency administrators and asset management companies.

Our company always acts as a neutral service provider and independent third party - without conflicts of interest in all defined sectors.

The benefits of the Intareg system:

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Higher security against fraud attempts
  • Neutral and independent service provider
  • Use of a single data set for all participants
  • Simple and fast handling of all solutions
  • Support from our experienced team of experts

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