Accurate asset documentation in real time.

Insurance companies, sales financing companies and banks now have the option to handle their information and data reconciliation processes digitally, simultaneously and in real time.

The Digital Collective Check enables sales financing companies, banks, manufacturers and retailers as well as insolvency administrators to make huge time savings. Regular documentation of asset holdings can be carried out digitally by the customer using the Collective Check, in accordance with the criteria of the bank.

The Collective Check developed by Intareg documents the existence and identity as well as the condition and location of an asset stored in the register.

For example, it is possible to efficiently check whether all the vehicles in a company’s fleet are actually held in stock, or whether a leased processing machine is actually being used.

The International Asset Register enables the seamless documentation of inventory checks across the entire credit or leasing portfolio, and is also ideal for submission to supervisory authorities, such as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). In principle, no personal data is stored, only asset data.

The Intareg document contains

  • Asset data
  • Quick recording and checking of assets, as well as their location, condition and any damage, with the help of digital checks carried out in real time.

  • These are automatically stored in Intareg’s International Asset Register and are available at all times.

How you benefit:

  • Efficiency
  • No asset inspections need to be carried out by officials on site.
  • This eliminates the high costs and huge amount of time involved in a personal inspection.
  • Multiple assets can be queried in a single check.
  • Optimal interface solutions for importing assets into the International Asset Register.
  • Sustainable solution by eliminating CO2 emissions caused by transport.
  • Security
  • Multiple and pro-forma financing is effectively impossible due to the clear identification of all the listed assets.
  • Monitoring in the event of the check not being carried out with automatic notification for resubmission via the system.
  • Clarity
  • Clear illustration of all the data and photos for your records – at a glance in the check result.

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