Our mission.

Cost reduction and safety with highly efficient solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience in handling the sales processes between manufacturers, retailers and customers, we are familiar with the security risks, costs and disadvantages of paper-based documentation. The involvement of other market players, such as logistics companies, insurance companies, sales financing companies, banks, the public sector and asset management companies, makes the processes increasingly more complex.

We founded INTAREG AG based on our conviction that all documentation of the flow of goods can be implemented better, faster and more securely with digital solutions.

At the very heart of our patented Intareg system is the International Asset Register – comparable with the land register for real estate – where each asset is entered with a unique DNA immediately on the date of its manufacture or at any later point in time. This enables the asset to be identified at any time and from any location. In conjunction with our digital document solutions, we offer enormous advantages for every industry in the entire supply chain and documentation of the flow of goods, adapted to each user and their processes.

Intareg always acts as a neutral service provider and independent third party - without conflicts of interest in all defined sectors.

The diagram below illustrates how the market players interact with our industry-specific document solutions.

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