Efficiency and fraud protection at every stage of loan processing and settlement.

In view of the requests for financing from their customers, which are increasingly coming via the Internet, sales financing companies are facing particular challenges if they want to honour these requests efficiently and quickly, while also wanting to do things properly and prevent fraud.

In addition to the creditworthiness of the customer, the intrinsic value of the financing asset is of particular importance. Determining the latter is often incredibly time-consuming.

At the same time, the risk of fraud increases as a result of multiple or pro-forma financing as well as price fraud, for example.

In the course of analysing the various process chains relating to processing and settlement, our experts have developed solutions that minimise the risk of fraud before any money is even paid out, but also in the subsequent critical stages of the contract term, e.g. when accepting or returning the asset, but also in retailer purchase financing, for example.

Our company always acts as a neutral service provider and independent third party - without conflicts of interest in all defined sectors.

Our digital solutions can provide you with more protection against fraud as well as additional transparency and efficiency – take advantage of our check solutions, such as the Digital Takeover Declaration, the Digital Security Certificate, the Value Report, as well as the Collective Check,  the Leasing Return Check and the Supply Chain Check.

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