The efficient documentation to fulfill the LkSG.

With the introduction of the corporate due diligence obligations according to § 10 para. 2 Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), for companies with employees from 3,000 employees onwards with effect from 01.01. 2023 and from 1,000 employees onwards with effect from 01.01.2024, many companies are facing a new challenge and regulation.
To ensure compliance with the law as well as to minimize the high time and personnel effort, INTAREG AG offers digital support. INTAREG AG's digital supply chain check enables you to noticeably reduce the costs and time required for a plausibility check along the supply chains. In addition, the CO2 balance can be significantly improved through the digital process.
The digital and legally secure check makes it possible to verify the current status of a supplier company, its location, and identify any need for optimization in real time. Compliance with the requirements of the LkSG are thus supported with maximum efficiency and transparency, while at the same time conserving costs and resources.


The Intareg document contains:

  • Asset data
  • Information with GEO data about the condition and location of a supplier facility within the supply chain.
  • Clear presentation of all data and images at a glance in the check result.
  • Open interface
  •   If required, simple data transfer for further expert reports is possible

How you benefit:

  • Time savings
  • Digitalisation saves time and costs.

  • No on-site check required, the end customer carries out the check themself as an agent.

  • Transparency

  • Transparency of the status and location of the plant with GEO data, at any time of selectable point in time.

  • Legal certainty
  • Support to meet documentation and reporting requirements required by the LkSG.
  • Verification by Intareg as a neutral third party.

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