Security is our aim.

We offer the highest standards of quality in all of our digital solutions.

The digitalisation of business processes is one of the key challenges of major strategic importance facing all companies and authorities today. As a market player, we are not only offering you highly efficient solutions, but maximum security throughout the supply chain.

Experts from various fields, such as lawyers, surveyors, insolvency administrators, entrepreneurs and auctioneers, are involved in developing and updating the Intareg system on an ongoing basis.

All of our digital product solutions are GDPR compliant and certified by the Swiss data protection authorities as a matter of course. All of the data is stored on our server located in Switzerland and is protected with the highest level of Tier 4 security.

Since our patented Intareg system is web-based, no software or app downloads are required. The user interface is also geared towards users with limited technical expertise and is simple and quick to use.

All of our product solutions are continuously kept up to date – in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements in the European Union.

Security and efficiency in harmony.
Digitalise your supply chain business processes with Intareg.

The benefits of the Intareg system:

  • Web-based product solutions
  • Server located in Switzerland
  • Highest level of Tier 4 security
  • State data protection certification
  • GDPR compliant