Fast and cost-saving condition check in real time.

For banks and asset management companies, inspecting an item of real estate, whether financed or in their own portfolio, takes a significant amount of time and effort. However, the digital age has now also dawned in the field of real estate checks too.

The Digital Real Estate Check from Intareg enables the condition of a property or a building to be checked at any given time in a significantly faster, more efficient and more cost-saving way in real time. It can be performed during each individual construction phases for the release of loan tranches or for a routine check while the property is being rented out.

Thanks to the digitalisation of the check process, all parties involved benefit from additional transparency and availability – be it a bank, asset management company, building owner or tenant.

Contemporary solution for carrying out real estate checks!
The Real Estate Check has benefits for everyone involved.

  • The Intareg document contains:

    • Asset data
    • Clear illustration of all the data and photos at a glance in the check result.
    • Documentation of the checks carried out.

    How you benefit:

    • Reduced costs
    • Digitalisation of the entire check process saves time and costs.
    • Efficiency
    • No inspector required on site, the end customer carries out the check themself as your agent.
    • Greater efficiency for your monitoring processes due to automated, recurring inventory checks.
    • Efficient way to check inventory financing.
    • Security
    • Exact knowledge of the existence and condition of the asset.
    • Protection against improper payouts and credit fraud.
    • Monitoring of payments according to construction progress in accordance with the Estate Agent and Property Developer Act (MaBV).
    • Convenience
    • Time savings and extra convenience ease the burden on the borrower or tenant.
    • Elimination of unpleasant personal checks.

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